Cramping when I wear the SmartBall, is this normal?


I can only wear it for ten mins max and i have severe cramping like menstrual pain. Its quite bad. I tried 15 mins one day and o gosh I had to get a hotwater bottle on my tummy. Im 50 and going into menopause. I've never had any problems with my uterus, a prolapse or sexual intercourse. I have been told though i have a tilted cervix. Is this normal?

Pelvic Floor Answers

Thanks for your question. It sounds as if your body is having a strong reaction to wearing the Smartball Uno, even for a relatively short time.
Having a tilted cervix usually does not mean that wearing the Smartball Uno is uncomfortable. Your body is giving you the message that it’s not sure about having the Smartball inserted, so you need to gently let it know that its ok and safe.

I suggest that you create some relaxed time to experiment with your SmartBall, where there is no time pressure and when you are feeling relaxed. Ensure you are using a natural water-based lubricant to insert the Uno, and even lie on a towel and focus on relaxing your vaginal muscles.
Apply lubricant to your vaginal opening and the Uno, and gently insert the ball. Your muscles may naturally contract during insertion. If this happens, focus on relaxing your muscles and then gently but firmly try to insert again.

If lying down does not feel comfortable, try squatting or standing with one leg on a chair. Insert the Uno as high in your vagina as possible but not so it creates uncomfortable pressure on your cervix.
When inserted lie down for 5 minutes and if any cramping occurs gently massage your uterus to encourage relaxation. If the cramping is severe, remove the Smartball and try again another day.

For some woman the first step is the body getting used to having the Uno inserted before you can start moving and being vertical so that pelvic floor toning occurs. Slow and gradual steps, but do persevere –it will be worth it.