I have difficulty with bladder control and I have a slight prolapse. Will wearing the smart ball will still help me regain bladder control?


I have just recently bought the smartball uno.
I find once inserted that I don't feel very much - it seems to stay in place very well. This is not because my muscles are strong as I have difficulty with bladder control!
I do however have a slight prolapse and I wonder if the vagina wall pressing against the device is keeping it in place.

Do you think that wearing the smart ball will still help me regain bladder control?

Pelvic Floor Answers

It is perfectly normal not to really feel the Uno as we do not have many nerve endings in the upper part of the vagina. A prolapse is more likely to either push the Uno out or make it uncomfortable to wear the Uno so it sounds like you are doing well to have the Uno staying in place.
We recommend you keep using the SmartBall and following the instructions for use.
As you do have a prolapse we would recommend a minimum period of regular -daily or every second day for at least 12 weeks.
Whilst the SmartBalls wont make your prolapse go away, the improved muscle tone from using them is very likely to improve your bladder control and prevent your prolapse from deteriorating further. Toning the pelvic girdle helps to support the walls of the vagina and resist the prolapse.
You will need to persevere as there is no quick fix, and we recommend continuing on a regular maintenance programme long term.