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Ask a Question. Natratone or Smart Balls?

By Pelvic Floor
on February 14, 2020

I was wondering if I should use the NatraTone or a Smart Ball. How do you know which one would be better for you to use?

Pelvic Floor Answers

It really depends on you and the time you have available as to whether Natratone or SmartBalls would work best for you.

SmartBalls are a very easy care solution. You can wear them as you go about your daily routine and you muscles will get a work out. Provided you follow the 6-8 week daily use plan you will get good results. All you have to do is remember to put the balls in and take them out each day. Some women may need to start with the Uno-single ball and then progress to the double balls, for many women however the single ball will achieve the results they need.

Natratone are suited to women who can take the time and are committed to doing the progamme that involves lying down and working out your pelvic floor muscles. Natratone has been developed to activate all the muscles in the pelvic area and provided you follow the workout will definitely result in pelvic floor strength.

Both SmartBalls and Natratone are effective in correcting and preventing bladder weakness. Overall Natratone will activate more muscles and may more quickly give results, but require a bit more effort to use.

Either way you can’t go wrong. Both products are made from medical grade materials and can be used and reused over your lifetime.

Ask a Question. Treatment for a mild prolapse issue

By Pelvic Floor Health
on June 12, 2019

For mild prolapse issues we find the Smart Balls are around 90% more popular with women than the Natratone so you may wish to trial these as an alternative. 
Smart Balls are more easily used as part of your daily routine hence their popularity. They are very effective at resolving bladder weakness issues. 

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Ask a Question. Is it safe to use NatraTone during pregnancy?

By Pelvic Floor Health
on November 23, 2017

Can I use the Natratone safely during pregnancy?


Could you please let me know if it is safe to use NatraTone during pregnancy?

Pelvic Floor Answers

Yes Natratone is safe to use during pregnancy and is one of the few devices available for pregnant women.

You can use it at least  3x per week and there is a definite advantage in improving your pelvic floor strength prior to giving birth. Having more control during the birth process and speeding up recovery times are a couple of the advantages as well as reducing bladder weakness during pregnancy.

The device sits in the vaginal opening while you do a series of exercises around it, it is made from medical grade plastic and can be easily washed after each use.

Natratone and it is easy and effective to use

Ask a Question. Smart Balls or Natratone?

By Pelvic Floor Health
on November 17, 2017

Which one should I use, Smart Balls or Natratone?


I have recently (8 weeks ago) given birth to my first child. He was a large baby and I had an extended period of pushing during my labour. I have just visited my GP after experiencing a sagging feeling in my vagina. She diagnosed a pelvic organ prolapse (bladder prolapse) where the front wall of my vagina is bulging and sagging down. I am not experiencing any incontinence at this stage but I am unable to 'hold on' for long when I really need to urinate. I am wondering what would be the better option to purchase to help with strengthening my pelvic floor, the NatraTone or SmartBalls?

Pelvic Floor Answers

We do recommend Natratone for women who have mild to moderate prolapse, you can later on if you choose, use the SmartBall Uno for maintenance, however the Natratone is a good long term option and we recommend you continue either to use the device or continue the correct exercises for 3-4 months at least (rather than the minimum of 6 weeks) to help strengthen your pelvic and core muscles and reduce the impact of the prolapse.
The Natratone is easy to use and you can use it daily rather than 3x per week if you choose.
You will be able to reuse the Natratone throughout your life as the medical grade plastic is long lasting

Ask a Question. How far do I insert the Natratone?

By Pelvic Floor Health
on August 04, 2017

Where should the Natratone sit when inserted in the vagina?


Hi there
I have just purchased the natratone and was wondering if it needs to be fully inserted so that you can't see any of it sticking out, including the thumb grip, or if the thumb grip part stays out so that you can see it?
Also is it ok to use every second day?

Pelvic Floor Answers

The thumb grip end of Natratone should sit just inside the vaginal opening so it is not protruding but if you had a mirror and were looking, you would be able to see it.

The minimum recommended frequency for using the Natratone is 3 times a week, so every second day is about right. You can use it daily if you wish. It is recommended to allow at least 4 hours in between exercise sessions to allow the muscles to recover an not get too tired.


Ask a Question. I have bacterial vaginosis and bladder leakage - what should I use Smart Balls or Natratone?

By Pelvic Floor Health
on July 19, 2017

Over 40 and experiencing bladder weakness and BV


I am 41 years old and have had no children, the last couple of months I've noticed urine leakage, it kinda just happens, I had a test at the GP but no urine infections are present but I do have bacterial vaginosis (BV) I'm finding the urine leaking making me quite paranoid as sometimes I can smell it etc..... I am wondering what package you'd advise for me? I'm very keen to get this sorted

Pelvic Floor Answers

Thanks for getting in touch. It is quite usual for women to experience a noticeable change in bladder control on the approach to menopause. Pregnancy and menopause are the primary cause of bladder weakness in women.

Both Smart Balls and Natratone would be suitable for you to use to help tone and strengthen your leakage issues and I recommend getting on to this as soon as you can as it is entirely possible to reverse the bladder weakness issues as you are not likely to have had a prolapse.

I am not sure as you have BV how your vagna will react to having the Smart Ball and lube in. Ideally you would resolve this first. Alternatively, the Natratone is not worn in the body but only used during the exercises, so this may be the best option for you. Both Smart Balls and Natratone are very effective when used as recommended,

BV as you may be well aware, is a vaginal condition caused by an imbalance of the naturally occurring bacterial flora and can result in a smell. I recommend work on this at the same time as a change in diet - removing sugar, eating fermented foods, drinking a lot of water to flush your system and eating fresh vegetables can make a big difference if you are able to speak to a naturopath they may be able to recommend suitable natural supplements to get your system back on track as this could be affecting your digestive tract as well.

Ask a Question. Grade 2 Bladder Prolapse - Will Smart Balls help me?

By Pelvic Floor Health
on July 14, 2017

Will SmartBalls help my Grade 2 Bladder Prolapse?


I have a grade 2 bladder prolapse can the balls help for this problem?

Pelvic Floor Answers

I would recommend the Natratone as the better option to help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and to help reduce the impact of your Grade 2 Prolapse

While not likely to reverse your prolapse, many women with prolapse find improvement and greater bladder control from stronger pelvic floor muscles and if they do require surgery can have quicker recovery times with better blood flow and muscle tone from the exercises using the Natratone.


Ask a Question. Do I need to wait for post pregnancy/birth bleeding to stop before using Smart Balls?

By Pelvic Floor Health
on December 07, 2016

When can I start using Smart Balls after childbirth?


Do I need to wait for all bleeding post pregnancy to stop before using the Smart Balls? Or is it safe to use while bleeding still occurs?

Pelvic Floor Answers

We recommend that you wait at least 6 weeks until using Smart Balls and once all bleeding and bruising has healed and you have had the all clear from your midwife or health practitioner.
There can be some sensitivity after childbirth so better to wait than slow down the recovery process.

Definitely follow the instructions and use the balls for short periods with lubricant for the first few weeks.
You can use the Natratone sooner than the SmartBalls as they sit in the vaginal opening

Ask a Question. Cooking to improve vaginal tone. Not really much of a problem with bladder weakness.

By Pelvic Floor Health
on November 28, 2016


Looking to improve vaginal tone. Not really much of a problem with bladder weakness. Post menopause (just recently).

Pelvic Floor Answers

Either SmartBalls or Natratone will be effective in improving vaginal tone. Natratone could be a bit more comfortable if you have vaginal dryness, however using lubricant with SmartBalls helps with this as well.
If you are happy to dedicate a small amount of time to actively doing exercises then I would recommend Natratone, if you would find this difficult then go for SmartBalls. Either product are long lasting and can be reused again and again over time.

Either device is effective at strengthening the pelvic floor muscles leading to improved sexual sensation as well as preventing and correcting bladder weakness. A bonus for making the effort!

Ask a Question. What exactly is the Natratone?

By Pelvic Floor Health
on November 22, 2016

What is Natratone?


Found your website and came across this Natratone programme. What I don’t understand it mentions that one has to choose carefully however it doesn’t appear to give options.
What is someone meant to be choosing. I see there is a white strange looking item – is it this that we are meant to be choosing and if so what are we looking at exactly.

Pelvic Floor Answers

There is just one NatraTone device -the small white NatraToner which comes with an instructional DVD or web link.
The NatraTone device is inserted in the vaginal opening and then you follow the exercises as demonstrated on the DVD.
The exercises using the NatraToner trains both your muscles and your brain to engage the core and pelvic floor muscles correctly to tone and strengthen them over time. 

The NatraTone is a simple and effective system for women who can commit a small amount of time to completing the exercises. You can read the 'How to' section on the website to find out more about NatraTone.

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