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Ask a Question. I suffer very badly from urinary urgency and frequency at the same time.

By Pelvic Floor Health
on June 18, 2016

Are these smart balls suitable for strengthening my pelvic floor despite all my bladder and kidney problems?


I have very bad incontinence partly due to childbirth, followed by a total hysterectomy which has caused a prolapse and now I have recently found out that my left kidney has stopped working due to scar tissue damage restricting flow.
I now have a stent in this kidney and find I suffer very badly from urgency and frequency at the same time. Are these smart balls suitable for strengthening my pelvic floor despite all these problems? And roughly how big are they in size?

Pelvic Floor Answers

Thank you for getting in touch with Pelvic Floor Health, it sounds like you are going through a very tough time.
For you we would recommend using the Natratone, not the SmartBalls as the balls may apply extra pressure due to their weight, which may not be helpful.
We always recommend the Natratone as the better option for women who have a prolapse.

Natratone is a series of active exercises, with the Natratone device inserted in the vaginal opening, retraining your brain to recognise where your pelvic floor muscles are and correctly engaging them. It also tones and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles as you do the exercises. Gentle and very effective.
This will help you to regain some control over both urgency and frequency- flow control.

Urgency- or Over Active Bladder- can often be a combination of both physical issues and how the brain has been trained.
For example, if you feel the urge to go to the toilet and go straight away, the body becomes accustomed to this action which reinforces both the urgency and frequency and and the time between needing to go can get closer and closer together.
It is also possible your bladder is not emptying fully and so you feel constantly needed to go.
It is possible over time, provided you have good pelvic floor strength, to retrain your brain to resist the urgency and to go less frequently as a result.

There is no quick fix or easy solution to this, however with persistence you are likely to be able to regain some control and confidence.

I recommend that you read through the information in FAQ's about Over Active Bladder.

You can also seek help for this from a Women's health physio - they usually have one attached to a hospital but can be hard to get appointments with, however as you are already in the medical system and have had significant surgery, you may get in more quickly.

I would recommend getting the Natratone exercises underway and following some of the steps in the Over Active Bladder including increasing your water intake and reducing sugar, coffee and alcohol intake as these aggravate OAB, keeping a diary and and doing the recommended steps to reduce OAB -all included in that article.

I hope you find this information helpful and please feel free to get back in touch if you have any other queries.

Ask a Question. Will daily exercises or Smart Balls make the prolapse worse?

By Pelvic Floor Health
on February 20, 2016

Start your pelvic floor exercises with Smart Balls Uno the single ball - its easier to use
If you were diagnosed with a mini prolapse it would be unusual for it to be becoming significantly worse while you are doing kegel exercises

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Ask a Question. I have a Severe Prolapse which pelvic floor product should I use?

By Pelvic Floor Health
on January 12, 2016

Natratone for stronger pelvic floor muscles
Any work you can do to improve pelvic floor strength will support the decisions you make regarding treatment options.

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Ask a Question. I am looking to improve weak pelvic floor muscles after traumatic birth, what should help?

By Pelvic Floor Health
on January 07, 2016

I had a traumatic birth and now it looks like my insides are falling!


Im looking for suitable stuff to improve my very weak pelvic floor muscles. Down here, it looks like inside (tissue/flesh) is coming out or falling out of the opening vagina after a traumatic birth with my 7 year old.. I assume its because of my weak pelvic floor will smart balls or whatever help?

Pelvic Floor Answers

It is possible that you have a pelvic organ prolapse and I would recommend getting checked out by your GP. If the prolapse is serious, they can also refer you to a women's health physio, a service provided through hospitals, they can teach you some techniques to help as well and may refer you to a specialist.
A prolapse is a very common outcome of a difficult birth, where the uterus or one of the organs such as the bladder are pushing on the wall of the vagina and sometimes forcing it out of the vaginal opening.
While you cannot reverse a prolapse through stronger pelvic floor muscles, you may be able to make some improvements in bladder control and improved blood flow and sensation to the area. Should you require surgery, we recommend working on your pelvic floor exercises to help with recovery.

It is likely you will have difficulty inserting and holding the Smart Balls in place and  we would recommend using the Natratone instead, ideally more frequently and for a longer period of time than the minimum recommended. for example start initially using the Natratone 2x 3 days per week and increase to daily for 3-5 months.

We definitely recommend seeking professional advice as a range of treatment are likely to give you the best outcomes

Ask a Question. Can Smart Balls help a prolapsed uterus to go away?

By Pelvic Floor Health
on January 04, 2016

A prolapsed uterus is generally a situation that does not 'go away' as the uterus is out of position and pushes into the vaginal wall.

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Ask a Question. How do you know if Smart Balls really help?

By Pelvic Floor Health
on December 07, 2015

Do Smart Balls really make a difference?


How do u know if SmartBalls really help? Because it always pop out down there after 30 minutes. I have only used it for few days so far, its easy to forget all about it till it  pops out. I also have a prolapse.

Pelvic Floor Answers;

Smart Balls definitely do help improve pelvic floor strength, we have been using them and selling them for many years. It is likely that your muscles are pushing the ball out when they get tired, so definitely keep using them. 
Aim to add about 5 -10 minutes to the amount of time you wear them, every day. Your goal is to be able to wear them for 5-10 hours each day but it can take 3-4 weeks on average to be able to do that. Then you want to wear them daily for 6-12 weeks.

The prolapse may be putting extra pressure on as well. It is quite normal not to feel the balls while you are wearing them as we do not have a lot of nerve endings above the pelvic floor muscles.

We recommend if you have a prolapse to use the balls for a longer period initially so 12 weeks may be more appropriate.
You are likely to notice improvements after a couple of weeks but don't stop there. Better bladder control and increased sexual sensation are good signs. Keep going to get long term improvements. Good luck getting your pelvic floors back into shape!

Ask a Question. Are the Smart Balls Duo suitable for women with a mild prolapse?

By Pelvic Floor Health
on November 04, 2015

I see you say Smart Balls Duo may not be recommended for women with a prolapse, can you please advise when they are not suitable?

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Ask a Question. Can I use Smart Balls with a total Uterine Prolapse?

By Pelvic Floor Health
on September 16, 2015

Smart Balls are not usually suitable for a severe prolapse as many women do not have sufficient room to insert the Smart Ball, which sit up high in the vagina.

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Ask a Question. Should I use Natratone and Smart Balls?

By Pelvic Floor Health
on August 10, 2015

I understand from reading on your website that the best product for me would be the NatraTone. Would I also benefit from using the Smart Ball Uno at the same time?

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Ask a Question. Smart Balls or NatraTone

By Pelvic Floor Health
on June 23, 2015

Which would be best for me, Smart Balls or Natratone?

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