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Ask a Question. Can Smart Balls help a prolapsed uterus to go away?

By Pelvic Floor Health
on January 04, 2016

A prolapsed uterus is generally a situation that does not 'go away' as the uterus is out of position and pushes into the vaginal wall.

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Ask a Question. How do you know if Smart Balls really help?

By Pelvic Floor Health
on December 07, 2015

Do Smart Balls really make a difference?


How do u know if SmartBalls really help? Because it always pop out down there after 30 minutes. I have only used it for few days so far, its easy to forget all about it till it  pops out. I also have a prolapse.

Pelvic Floor Answers;

Smart Balls definitely do help improve pelvic floor strength, we have been using them and selling them for many years. It is likely that your muscles are pushing the ball out when they get tired, so definitely keep using them. 
Aim to add about 5 -10 minutes to the amount of time you wear them, every day. Your goal is to be able to wear them for 5-10 hours each day but it can take 3-4 weeks on average to be able to do that. Then you want to wear them daily for 6-12 weeks.

The prolapse may be putting extra pressure on as well. It is quite normal not to feel the balls while you are wearing them as we do not have a lot of nerve endings above the pelvic floor muscles.

We recommend if you have a prolapse to use the balls for a longer period initially so 12 weeks may be more appropriate.
You are likely to notice improvements after a couple of weeks but don't stop there. Better bladder control and increased sexual sensation are good signs. Keep going to get long term improvements. Good luck getting your pelvic floors back into shape!

Ask a question. Do Smart Balls make a Noise?

By Pelvic Floor Health
on December 02, 2015

My Kegel balls make a rumbling sound when I move around, is this normal?


Do these Smart Balls 'rumble' or are they just dead weights?  Is it normal for weighted Kegel balls to rumble?

Pelvic Floor Answers;

Smart Balls  have a heavy weighted ball inside a sealed outer medical grade silicone ball and the inner ball moves around with movement, this is part of the toning process and is perfectly normal.The rumbling sensation is caused by the movement but does not produce noticeable sound.

It is possible with some brands of Kegel Balls that are not made with quality materials- where the outer ball is a hard material such as plastic, that the inner ball is making a sound when it connects with the outer ball. 

This is not an issue with Smart Balls


Ask a Question. My Smart Ball seems to slip out after 15 minutes when I ovulate, is this normal?

By Pelvic Floor Health
on November 24, 2015

The Smart Ball Uno slips out when I am ovulating, is this normal?


I noticed that it can the Uno can stay inside me for one full day most of the time over the last 1-2 weeks but for the last 2 days it keep slip out repeatably after 15 mins due to heavy discharge, I think I'm ovulating. I cant use Smart Ball for few days. I wonder if this is normal?

Pelvic Floor Answers;

Many women experience an weakening of the pelvic floor muscles during times of hormonal change such as during ovulation and menstruation. This is perfectly normal for some women.
You can simply stop using the balls for the 2-3 days during ovulation and  then start again. As your overall pelvic floor muscle tone improves, it is likely that you will be able to hold the Smart Balls in place during these times

Ask a Question. Can I go straight to using the Duo Smart Balls?

By Pelvic Floor Health
on November 18, 2015

Can use Smart Balls Duo and bypass the Uno? 


My pelvic floor muscles are in okay shape and I want to improve them. Can I start using the Duo and bypass the Uno? Also can I wear them during high impact exercise and what about when sleeping and going to the toilet?

Pelvic Floor Answers;

There's no issue with going straight to the Duo - it means that your pelvic floor is already in good shape and the Duo will continue to strengthen these muscles - so well done :)

There is no advantage to using SmartBalls when lying down, as they will not activate the pelvic floor.

As far as the exercise question - it depends on what you mean by 'high impact'. I would think that brisk walking / jogging / stair climbing would be reasonable activities. But it all depends on the strength on your pelvic floor muscles. Some women will be able to do aerobics/skipping/jumping while wearing them - others can only hold them while gently walking. Like any exercise - its a progression of your ability and strength of those muscles.

You should be able to keep the balls in while urinating - and as you get more used to wearing them, you'll get better at relaxing your different muscles around that area to either urinate or #2's. Keep practicing, but if you need to, there's nothing wrong with taking them out and then re-inserting them once you've finished.

Hope that covers your questions, but please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any other queries and best of luck with your regime.

Ask a Question. Are the Smart Balls Duo suitable for women with a mild prolapse?

By Pelvic Floor Health
on November 04, 2015

I see you say Smart Balls Duo may not be recommended for women with a prolapse, can you please advise when they are not suitable?

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Ask a Question. Can I go to the toilet with the Smart Ball inserted?

By Pelvic Floor Health
on October 29, 2015

Should I be able to go toilet whilst the Smart Ball is insitu?

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Ask a Question. I can wear the Smart Balls comfortably but having trouble removing

By Pelvic Floor Health
on October 21, 2015

Have no trouble inserting the ball & it's comfortable to wear but have great difficulty removing it. It's so painful to remove that I worry I may be undoing any good it's doing me.

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Ask a Question. 70 years old with bladder leakage, are Smart Balls for me?

By Pelvic Floor Health
on October 06, 2015

I'm 70 years old and wear a thin pad all the time because of bladder leakage. Frequently I need to change the pad during the day.

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Ask a Question. What are Smart Balls made of?

By Pelvic Floor Health
on September 23, 2015

Are all smart balls products made with silicone. I break out in a rash over my entire body if I use silicone.

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