As winter approaches and colds and flu become more common and especially during this time of the Covid 19 lock down, prevention and correction of bladder weakness is important for your health and well being 

If your pelvic floor muscles have been compromised, you are likely already aware of the consequences of this. If you cough or sneeze and wet you pants a little or a lot, if you laugh and wet you pants, if you cant run, jump or sometimes lift heavy objects without wetting your pants, then now is the time to tone and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

 You may have heard from a medical professional that bladder weakness is a normal part of aging or a natural consequence of childbirth and you just have to accept it. You may have been advised that surgery including the use of surgical mesh is your best option.

It is important for you to know that for most women this may not be true. And now whether you are working from home or at an office, hospital, in the fields or as a driver, whatever your age or life stage, you can make a difference and improve your pelvic floor muscles.

Why now? The longer you leave it, the weaker the muscles get, the more likely you risk becoming incontinent particularly in older age.

It is not your fault that you pelvic floor muscles are out of shape, many women who work out and are fit and strong on the outside, struggle with bladder weakness. Some women have a predisposition to bladder weakness and may experience leakage from a young age, childbirth – the carrying of the baby during pregnancy and the natural hormonal changes can cause bladder weakness, with each successive child- if no pelvic floor strengthening occurs- the problem increases. A caesarean birth is no protection against bladder weakness. The hormonal changes during menopause also weakens the pelvic floor muscles, so women who have never given birth may experience bladder weakness.

Pelvic floor exercises are fairly easy to do and free. Many women find it difficult to know where there muscles are and to remember to do the exercises frequently enough to make a difference.

Smart Balls are a great option as an easy and effective way to tone and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. They are not a miracle cure and they do work. Why? They take the thinking out of doing your pelvic floor exercises, however they are only effective if you use them regularly and for an initial period of at least one month and for some women it can take longer.

Inserted high in the vagina and worn as you go about your daily activities, Smart Balls are a weighted ball inside a super hygienic medical grade silicone outer ball. The Smart Ball rests on your pelvic floor muscles and the combination of weight and movement as you go about your daily activities around the home, work or as you exercise, tones and strengthens your pelvic floor muscles.

You are likely to notice some improvements after as little as a week of daily use, however it is essential that you continue and increase the amount of time you wear your Smart Ball for until you can wear it for 5-10 hours per day for a minimum of a month.

How will you know they are working?

You will notice if you sneeze and engage your pelvic floor muscles, you no longer wet your pants. You can go for a walk or run and not wet your pants, once you have full control back you can even jump on a trampoline and not wet your pants. You can laugh riotously with your friends and not wet your pants.

A few key points;

  • Follow the instructions provided with your Smart Balls as like any muscle training system you need to build up to using the Smart Balls. You wouldn’t run a marathon on your first attempt at running and same with Smart Balls, start with a short period of time and build on this each day

  • Always use a good quality hypoallergenic lube. We recommend Probe or Astroglide. If you are especially sensitive to lube, you may need to change the lube if you develop a sensitivity to a brand. We do not recommend flavoured or coloured lube or lubes with chemical preservatives.

  • If you find using the Smart Ball to start with a bit uncomfortable, persevere – it should not however be painful. If it is you may not have inserted the ball high enough in the vagina, you may need more lube or to pop the retrieval loop inside the vagina.

  • Relax as you insert and remove the Smart Balls. Do not panic if you can’t remove them. Many women tense up, which tightens the pelvic floor muscles – this is not a tug of war – if you cant remove the Smart Ball, leave it for half an hour and have another go – practise squeezing and relaxing your muscles so you know what relaxing feels like and then gently pull them out. Do not get someone else to pull them out. You can sit on the toilet and gently push like you are going to have a poo and they will likely slip out

  • There will be no harm done by leaving them in for a while longer than you intended, they cannot go anywhere in the vagina and gravity will always cause them to drop down

  • Always wash in hot soapy water after use and rinse thoroughly to remove soap residues (to avoid irritation). We recommend hanging them somewhere handy so you will remember to use them daily – by your toothbrush or in the shower can be good places – depending on your home situation.

  • Smart Balls should only be used vaginally and are not safe for inserting anally.

  • SmartBalls are made in Germany from super hygienic medical grade silicone. They were developed by an incontinence specialist midwife and the shape, weight and materials tested. They are designed to last for years (do no leave in a drawer where they could be cut by scissors, nail clippers or knives), so you can keep using them over time. There are many copies in the marketplace that are made from lesser quality materials, we believe Smart Balls are the leading pelvic floor toning balls.