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Ask a Question. Can I use Smart Balls whilst flying internationally?

By Pelvic Floor Health
on May 04, 2016

I am heading overseas soon and wonder if I can wear Smart Balls whilst flying?


I use the SmartBalls for a prolapse and wondered if you can fly in a plane with these inserted. Are they likely to set the metal detectors off. That could be embarrassing when travelling overseas.

Pelvic Floor Answers

We would not recommend wearing SmartBalls during international travel as with current airport requirements it could potentially cause you long delays and some distress should the SmartBalls trigger the metal detectors, and now that there are very sensitive body scanners at some airports, there is a good chance the SmartBalls would be picked up.

The internally located weight in the SmartBalls is made of metal,whilst the outer sealed shell is made from medical grade silicone.

Also depending on whether you are flying up the pointy end of the plane or scrunched into economy, it may not be ideal wearing your SmartBalls. Getting the SmartBalls out or putting them in could be tricky in those tiny aeroplane toilets. 

Great that you are so committed, however I would recommend waiting until you clear customs before popping them back in.

Safe travels.

Ask a Question. What do you recommend for a busy woman with no lower core strength?

By Pelvic Floor Health
on April 28, 2016

I don't have a prolapse but have had to give up activities like running around after the boys and sneezing is a real problem...


Hi it has been suggested to me to try your SmartBalls

Can you tell me what delivery time is from time of order?

Also from reading your site i'm unsure as to whether to order the Smart Balls or the Naratone.

I wonder what your recommendation to people starting out would be? I am a mother of 2 boys under 6, so life is busy and on the go constantly. When i'm not with the boys i'm working full time as well.
I don't have a prolapse or anything but I'm finding that sneezing and anything to do with running around after the kids is a no go zone!! I also find I have no lower core strength which is affecting my cycling as well.
I'm sure my pelvic floor is the root of the problem.

With the smart balls do you insert and leave in for the day while you get on with life? I am keen to get started and hopefully have fun with my boys running around !!

Pelvic Floor Answers

Thank you for your email enquiry re SmartBalls and Natratone. The delivery time for orders delivered within NZ is 3-5 working days.We deliver nationwide including rural delivery using Courier Post.

From what you have described, it is very likely that you Pelvic Floor muscles are the cause of your bladder weakness issues. Around 40% of women experience stress incontinence in their adulthood. Childbearing is the primary cause, and if you haven't got your pelvic floor muscles in shape between children, the problem compounds.
Toning and strengthening these will correct and the stress incontinence that you are experiencing and then set you up to prevent future problems.
The majority of our customers choose SmartBalls as this muscle training system works in well women with busy lives and little time.
You wear them as you go about your daily activities and once you have got the hang of them, you can incorporate them into other exercise regimes. Running after your boys is the perfect time to be wearing them as the more active you are, the more actively SmartBalls will tone your pelvic floor.
The PowerPack is the most popular option as this offers both introductory and long term pelvic floor training systems and your medical grade SmartBalls can be re-used at different life stages.

We recommend Natratone for women with prolapse related issues,where inserting the SmartBalls may be more difficult and for women who are pregnant. While it does require 'active' exercise (where as SmartBalls do the work for you), the amount of time is minimal - 5 minutes 2x per day at least every other day.
Hope this helps you make the right choice for your lifestyle and good luck getting back in shape!


Ask a Question. Which pelvic floor product is best for vaginal prolapse?

By Pelvic Floor Health
on April 19, 2016

What should I be using for a vaginal prolapse, SmartBalls or Natratone?


I have a vaginal prolapse and wondered if I should purchase the Smart Balls or the Natratone?

Pelvic Floor Answers

We recommend the Natratone for women with mild to moderate prolapse, as many women with prolapse are not able to wear the Smart Balls correctly if the prolapse is pushing into the vagina and reducing the available space.
The Natratone ists in the vaginal opening whilst you do a series of active pelvic floor exercises around the Natratone device.

For women with prolapse we recommend a longer period using the Natratone than the minimum 6 weeks and you are able to continue using the Natratone or simply continuing the exercises you will learn as part of the programme for the long term.

Prolapse cannot easily or usually be reversed, however with good pelvic floor tone, you may be able to prevent a deterioration and reduce the impact of the prolapse.

For women with severe prolapse or who are considering pelvic floor surgery, using the Natratone may bring some improvements and we recommend getting your muscles in as good shape as possible to ensure quicker recovery times should you choose surgery.

For some women, improved pelvic floor tone can be an alternative to surgery.

Ask a Question. I have been wearing the Duo for about 3 days for 8 hours is that ok?

By Pelvic Floor Health
on April 13, 2016

Is it ok to wear Smart Balls Duo for long periods of time


Just a wee question I have been wearing the smartball Duo for three days now (about 8 - 10 Hours at a time) without pain is that ok?

Pelvic Floor Answers

If you are able to wear them comfortably for this amount of time, that is super. Sounds like your muscles are in good shape, so keep on track over the next 8 weeks. As long as you are able to hold the Duo in without discomfort you are achieving the desired outcome.
Some women continue to use the SmartBalls more frequently than one per fortnight, but you can expect at the end of this workout time your pelvic floor muscles will be well toned.

Ask a Question.Do I need to do pelvic floor exercises whilst wearing the Smart Balls?

By Pelvic Floor Health
on April 04, 2016

I dont have any specific pelvic floor issues, but want to make sure I maintain good pelvic floor muscles


I would like to improve strengthen my pelvic floor muscles.  I'm not pregnant, nor likely to be, nor have I had a prolapse.  How do I know which product to buy ie the SmartBall or NatraTone?  

Will the pelvic floor muscles strengthen only if you do pelvic floor exercises as well as using the product, or will they strengthen if you only use the product and don't do any exercises?

Pelvic Floor Answers

I would recommend the Smart Balls for you as they are the most popular and very easy to use option. The Smart Balls effectively do the exercises for you the entire time you are using them, so while you can do active pelvic floor exercises as well if you wish, you do not have to. Either way the SmartBalls, when used as per the information provided, stimulate the muscles to contract.
The ideal set up is the powerpack with the Single Uno and Double Duo Smart Balls with lubricant. The Uno is easier to use and gets your pelvic floor muscles active, the Duo gives you the long term benefits with the ideal weight for ongoing pelvic floor tone.
You can use these repeatedly at different life stages ie menopause.


Ask a Question. Lube and birth control pills

By Pelvic Floor Health
on March 31, 2016

Looking through the lube ingredients I noticed that it has grapefruit seed extract in it, Grapefruit extract can be harmful when used in conduction with birth control pills which I am on, so I'm now too concerned to use the lubricant, should I be?

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Ask a Question. What and where are Smart Balls made of?

By Pelvic Floor Health
on March 21, 2016

SmartBalls are made from medical grade silicone. This material does not absorb body fluids, is super hygienic and easy to clean

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Ask a Question. What can I use for incontinence while I am pregnant?

By Pelvic Floor Health
on March 17, 2016

Improved pelvic floor tone will not only prevent bladder weakness during and after your pregnancy but also can give you more control in the birthing process and quicker recovery times.

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Ask a Question. I can't feel anything when the Smart Ball is in place, is this normal?

By Pelvic Floor Health
on March 15, 2016

While you may not feel the SmartBalls, they will be doing their job of toning and strengthening your pelvic floor muscles.

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Ask a Question. Trying to conceive, can I wear Smart Balls during this time?

By Pelvic Floor Health
on February 25, 2016

I see you don't recommend the weights during pregnancy, is there any harm until you actually find out you're pregnant?


Hi, I am interested in your pelvic floor weights but was wanting some recommendations. 
I am 26 years old, have not had children, currently trying to conceive.

I have not experienced any bladder weakness, but Im keen to maintain or build stronger pelvic floor. I do pilates classes 1-2x a week, started 6-8 months ago. (Not sure if bladder weakness/prolapse is hereditary but Mum Mother and Nana have great trouble with this).
I see you don't recommend the weights during pregnancy, is there any harm until you actually find out your pregnant?

Pelvic Floor Answers

It is completely fine to keep using the Smart Balls whilst you are trying to conceive and until you know you are pregnant. Smart Balls are simply a muscle training system and do not interfere with the process of conception. Women with stronger pelvic floor muscles do often notice an increase in sexual sensation, as do their partners which is a good thing when you are trying to conceive.

Most manufacturers are extra cautious about pregnancy which is why they don't recommend use during this time.. The better shape your pelvic floors are in before you are carrying much baby weight, the less likely you are to have bladder weakness or other difficulties such as prolapse. Pilates is also an excellent way of maintaining good pelvic floor muscles, so the combination will be excellent.

Pregnancy is one of the primary causes of bladder weakness as the change in hormones in preparation for childbirth combined with the constant and growing weight of the baby makes it difficult to maintain good pelvic floors throughout pregnancy. Weak pelvic floor muscles can also be inherited, however you can rectify this.

The Natratone is safe to use throughout your pregnancy as well as before and after, so this could be a good option for you. It is far easier to do the work before you are pregnant and then maintain throughout the pregnancy than it is to try to recover your pelvic floor strength after giving birth.

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