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About Us

Welcome to the best resource for New Zealand women who want better Pelvic Floor Health.

Even though it can be embarrassing to talk about, it’s good to remember you’re not alone. Pelvic Floor Health is a business run by women in Wellington and Auckland. We have been helping women overcome bladder weakness, naturally, for over 5 years.

Meet the team

Wendy Lee—Director

Wendy is a mother and grandmother and has had over twenty years experience in the promotion and of pelvic floor health for women.

She has seen Smart Balls and more recently Natratone, change the lives of hundreds of woman who had previously struggled with weak pelvic floor muscles.

She has a strong commitment to enhancing pelvic floor health and education for women to enable them to make informed choices about their pelvic floor health. Wendy is focused on making SmartBalls and Natratone easily available for all New Zealand women.

Ema Lyon—Director

As a mum with young sons, Ema knows first-hand how effective SmartBalls can be and that busy mums need an easy and effective solution to bladder weakness. After hearing numerous stories from women affected by bladder weakness, Ema is aware how widespread this issue is amongst women in New Zealand.

Ema has over twenty years of experience in promoting the use of SmartBalls and Natratone, Ema is inspired by the positive results and enhanced freedom that using SmartBalls and Natratone can achieve.



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