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  • SmartBalls have changed my life. I know it sounds corny, but there was so much I couldn't do for fear of wetting myself; even a good laugh could be spoiled. I was wearing pads and was considering surgery as having kids really ruined my pelvic floor muscles. A friend put me on to the Balls and now I can jump on the trampoline with the kids. It took me about 6 weeks of daily use. Tell a woman friend, this is definitely a woman's best friend.

  • After using Smart Balls for two months I can definitely feel the results! At first I found them hard to insert but it just took a little practice and perseverance. I also found it hard to relax as I was worried they would fall out, but it wasn’t long before this wasn’t an issue. Make sure you keep using them until you notice a difference as I almost gave up… very glad I didn’t as SmartBalls have helped me regain my confidence and not have to worry about leaking.

  • I have had five kids, say no more!! These were recommended to me by my midwife and I am in turn recommending them to everybody I know. After using them most days for a couple of months I feel like I have the strong, firm vagina I used to have back again. It's done wonders for my confidence during sex, not to mention running, laughing and sneezing. Thanks for providing such a great product and service.

  • I got given a set of Smart Balls at my baby shower and tried to use them six weeks after giving birth. To my horror I could not hold them in, the lower ball kept popping out! Luckily I rung for advice and discovered I needed to start with the single ball. I now love using the Uno ball, can hold it in and am slowly regaining my muscle tone. I am combining using the SmartBall with doing the pelvic floor exercises my Physio gave me and am noticing enough difference to make me believe they work!

  • I was doing Kegel exercises but I must have been doing them wrong because they didn’t make any difference – NatraTone has! I have a prolapse bladder which was causing severe frequency. After completing the NatraTone programme, I am 75% better during the day and still improving. In the last 3 weeks, I have had NO leakage during the day but I still am having some issues with exercise and some leakage later in the evening. However, I am continuing to improve and I am confident that I can get on top this without surgery.

  • I realized that I had been holding my tummy in too much because when I did the exercise while standing, I pushed the NatraToner out, instead of keeping it in. I was bearing down rather than lifting up, inside – this is what I needed to know and what is really making the difference!

  • My problem was occasional urine leakage and urgency. I also was told I had a small prolapse of my bladder. After being recommended NatraTone, I found it very easy to do, and stick to the programme.

  • As a result of doing the NatraTone program my muscle tone is better and I feel my prolapse has slightly improved because it doesn’t come out as often and I have much more bladder control. At 7 weeks, I now keep up with the program and exercises 3x per week and more often because it is automatic and I am so much more aware and it has even improved my overall posture.

  • I recommend NatraTone to other women just like me who want to improve their lifestyle and feel good about themselves. A fit 62 year old Grandmother!

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