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How to use NatraTone

If pelvic floor exercises haven’t worked for you in the past, NatraTone could be the answer!

NatraTone is a simple 6 week exercise programme using the NatraToner training device, which is inserted just inside your vaginal opening. By squeezing your pelvic floor muscles around the Natratoner you tone and strengthen your pelvic floor and core muscles and train your brain to recognise how to activate these muscles correctly.

The Natratone Programme:

  • Complete 2 x 5 minute exercises per day, 3 times per week (or every other day)
  • Use NatraTone for 6 weeks. It’s so easy! 

Some women may see significant results much earlier than 6 weeks and for some it may take longer, depending upon the severity of existing bladder weakness and/or other factors such as a prolapse.

It is recommended that the 5 minute exercises are done a few times a week even after the 6 weeks ends. Remember, the pelvic floor is a set of muscles – as we say; use ‘em or lose ‘em!

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About NatraTone

This product incorporates the latest medical research for creating a strong inner core and improved pelvic floor strength. It combines an exercise sequence with correct breathing, while using the NatraToner training device for maximum benefit.

The NatraTone kit includes:

  • Phthalate and BPA free NatraToner training device (US FDA approved)
  • Discreet and hygienic carry-case
  • Detailed instruction booklet with activity diary
  • Personal exercise DVD (DVD also available to view online after purchase)

Who can and should use NatraTone

  • Pregnant women*
  • Women planning on becoming pregnant. 
  • Mums of all ages
  • Peri-menopausal and menopausal women
  • Women of any age who have a weak bladder (accidentally wet when laughing / sneezing / exercising)
  • Women with mild to moderate prolapsed uterus, bladder, bowel or rectum (POP)*
  • Women who are considering, or have had pelvic organ prolapse surgery*

* While pregnant, please consult you Lead Maternity Carer before starting any exercise programme.
*Consult with your medical practitioner or specialist before using Natratone.

    Why choose NatraTone?

    An independent pilot study showed:

    • NatraTone to be 12 x more effective in reducing or eliminating leakage than by doing pelvic floor exercises alone.
    • 80% of women found the product easy to use
    • 80% of women found said they would recommend it to other women.


    Exercising with NatraTone will:

    • Strengthen the pelvic floor and inner core muscles
    • Simultaneously train the neural and muscle memory
    • Prevent and correct bladder weakness.

    The intent is for the exercise to become second nature so that your body and mind are re-trained to respond automatically when required.

    How to use NatraTone—more details:

    The NatraToner is our unique training aid which helps focus awareness on the area of the body that is exercising; in this case—the pelvic floor muscles.

    It has a gently rounded and curved shape that naturally conforms the female body. The NatraToner helps focus on increasing the grip of these muscles and to minimise any contact with the cervix (the entrance to the womb or uterus).

    The NatraTone Training Aid

    It is quite small and intended that way; it is unnecessary for it to be wider or longer. Devices designed for more sexual purposes are much larger and often bigger than the vagina, as the vagina is able to expand significantly with arousal.

    If you hold your index and second finger together in a soft curved manner, you will see this is a similar shape to the NatraToner. This is how your doctor, midwife or specialist would perform a simple vaginal examination.

    If you are not comfortable when you first use it, practice inserting and removing it a few times. Remember to be relaxed as that will help with insertion. If you have any pain, do not use the training aid and talk with your health care provider about it. The great news is that you can still do the exercises without it! 

    Location, location!

    The NatraTone training aid is inserted “low” so that it sits just inside the vagina entrance, not “high” like a tampon.

    The muscles that you will be contracting are located very low just inside and around the entrance to the vagina. The exercise sequence contracts the lower abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor in sequence while continuing to breathe.

    As you get more confident with the exercise program over the 6 weeks especially when you have the training aid inserted, you will find you will be able to keep the NatraToner exactly where it is and not move it (especially pushing it out) thereby increasing your control to these muscles.

    You will NOT achieve the benefits of using the training aid if you have placed it too high inside your vagina. If you have placed it too high, remove it by 'bearing down' as if you are having a bowel movement and re-insert so that it sits just inside the vaginal entrance and so you can feel it when you contract your pelvic floor muscles. Try to keep it in place as you exercise.


    We recommend you first try wetting the training aid with water if you are too dry. If that does not make insertion easier, then you can use a water based lubricant. If using a lubricant, we recommend using it just on the insertion tip as too much lubricant may cause the NatraToner to move or turn when inside you, therefore not being in the correct position for best results.

    Use the NatraToner for just one of the 2 sets of exercises on the exercising days. This is so you can learn to contract the muscles correctly without the Natratoner on the second set of exercises (ie in the morning use the device, in the afternoon/evening do the same exercises without the device. This trains the muscles and the brain for a lifetime free of bladder weakness.

    The 6 Week Natratone Programme

    You will learn the correct sequence of using your pelvic floor muscles and to control poor bladder habits such as “going to the toilet just in case”.

    Research indicates a 70–90% success rate with 6 weeks will achieve “leak free” results.

    Although these results will vary; some women will feel results within days, others within a few weeks and for others it will take longer. It all depends upon the strength and tone of your pelvic floor and inner core muscles and your commitment.

    Some women may need to repeat the programme to maintain results. We recommend that pelvic floor exercise be part of a regular exercise regime throughout your life.

    The NatraTone programme is also perfect to re-do each time you have a baby or have a case of flu / chronic heavy coughing (that can weaken the pelvic floor and instigate bladder weakness).

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