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How to use SmartBalls


  • SmartBalls can be used by women of all ages and life stages, but they are not recommended for use during pregnancy.
  • The key to correcting or preventing bladder weakness is regular use of SmartBalls. Once you are wearing SmartBalls, there is no extra effort or special physical exercise required. 
  • Choose a time to test-drive your SmartBalls when you have some time to yourself and are intending to be at home for at least a couple of hours.
  • Either sit our stand so that you can insert your SmartBalls into the vagina, and breathe deeply to ensure your vaginal muscles relax.
  • We recommend starting out with the SmartBall Uno and progressing to the SmartBall Duo. The process for using either SmartBall is the same.
  • Apply a little lubricant to your SmartBalls and slip the ball or balls inside the vagina. Make sure that either the single ball (Uno) or both balls (Original & Duo) are inserted as high as possible and that the string sits outside the body for easy retrieval (not unlike a tampon).
  • Once your SmartBalls are safely inside, just go about your usual routine (sitting, standing, walking around). Initially you may feel a slight weight bearing down internally this is perfectly normal as your pelvic floor muscles become more toned this sensation will go away.
  • Your SmartBalls should never be painful or uncomfortable to wear (other than that initial feeling described above). If they are, you may not have inserted them up high enough - in which case they will be in the vaginal canal and likely to fall out - or you may need to apply more lubricant (especially important for menopausal women), or you may have a thrush or a vaginal infection which will need to be treated before using your SmartBalls.
  • Wear the balls for a 15 to 30 minutes per day to start with, gradually increasing the time up to 5—10 hours per day. It may take a few weeks to get there, especially if your muscles are quite compromised.
  • Do not start by wearing your SmartBalls for hours as your muscles may become fatigued and you will not be able to wear the SmartBalls for a few days while your pelvic floor muscles recover.

The goal

  • Your goal is to wear your Smart Balls for 5—10 hours daily for a minimum of six to eight weeks.
  • With a little improved muscle tone, you will be able to wear your balls to work, while exercising; around home...anywhere you please.
  • Once you have done that initial work out, you can wear your Smart Balls for one day a fortnight or more frequently if desired, for maintenance.


  • To remove the SmartBalls relax your vaginal muscles and gently pull both removal strings. You may need to give a gentle push to help removal. If have any difficulty or find your muscles tense up, do not keep pulling the string. Take a few moments to relax, take some deep breaths and try again. Squatting or standing with a leg up on a chair may aid you to gently push the SmartBalls out.
  • If you can't remove them, go away and do something else and come back to it later. Your Smart Balls are not going to go anywhere and will not do you any harm.
  • We recommend using a skin friendly water based lubricant with your SmartBalls to ensure they move comfortably inside you. Also put a little on the string where it sits inside the body to ensure there is no friction.
  • Many silicone lubricants are not compatible and can destroy the fabric of your toy. Damage of this kind is not covered by the guarantee.

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