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Pelvic Floor Health has sourced two of the most simple and effective ways women can strengthen and tone their Pelvic Floor including their Pubococcygeous (or PC) muscle.

Urinary leakage affects approximately 600,000 New Zealand women and is often both embarrassing and debilitating. It can negatively affect a woman’s enjoyment of life and restrict her physical participation in many activities.

80% of women do not talk to their health professional about this issue and two-thirds of women think ‘bladder weakness’ is a normal state. By strengthening and toning the pelvic floor muscles, 70-80% of women can actually increase pelvic floor support and overcome bladder weakness. If the pelvic floor muscles are not strengthened and they undergo further stress, the issue may compound, resulting in conditions such as prolapse of the uterus and serious incontinence.


SmartBalls are of interest to all health practitioners who may, in their line of practice either advise or treat women affected by issues associated with weak pelvic floor muscles. Developed by a midwife in Germany whose area of expertise is pelvic floor resolution education, SmartBalls are recommended world-wide by midwives, ante-natal educators, obstetricians, physiotherapists, osteopaths, acupuncturists, sex therapists and gynaecologists.

SmartBalls are unique as they do not require conscious input after they are inserted in order to be effective. All a woman has to do is to wear them regularly. SmartBalls are a simple option that can effectively work in tandem with treatment from health practitioners to rectify pelvic floor issues.

SmartBalls are made from medical grade silicone. They are hygienic and easy to clean in soap and hot water. We recommend using a hypoallergenic lubricant such as Probe for easy insertion and comfort.

Pelvic Floor Health produces an informative flyer, with information about how to use SmartBalls, supplied free of charge with each SmartBall unit sold and display material is also available if you require it.

If you wish to sell either SmartBalls directly to your clients, please contact us for more information on the purchasing options available to you. We will do our utmost to answer any questions specific to your line of practice.


NatraTone is a more structured home exercise programme and is very helpful for the 40% of women who do not know how to identify their pelvic floor muscles or either, how to contract them correctly.

Many women feel rather vague “down there” when it comes to the pelvic floor muscles. It is always advisable to begin with inner core/pelvic floor or stabilising muscle strengthening, especially when intense exercise such as running causes Stress Urinary Incontinence or SUI.

NatraTone with its unique sensory biofeedback training aid, the NatraToner, is designed to help women feel exactly where the pelvic floor muscles are located as they work through a (minimum) 6-week ABC exercise programme.

The NatraToner is made from FDA medically approved material and is BPA and Phthalate free. It helps women to identify the correct (pelvic floor) muscles and provides a focus while exercising while aiding compliance to the Programme. The ABCs strengthen and tone the pelvic floor and lower abdominal muscles (inner core) together, which is based on the latest research and proven data showing long-term relief from SUI. The ABCs take only 5-10 minutes, twice a day, 3 times per week for 6 week.

NatraTone is suitable for use by women at any life stage and are suitable for use during pregnancy with the approval of the lead maternity carer.

NatraTone are also suitable for women who have mild to moderate POP or pelvic organ prolapse and can aid in the recovery of surgery for POP, with the approval of the woman's surgeon.

NatraTone comes with an instructional DVD with real-time 6 week training, a 6 week diary to record your progress included in a detailed information booklet included, and the NatraToner (intra-vaginal training aid for sensory biofeedback). It is a complete internal muscle workout programme.

If you would like to receive a health practitioner sample pack please click here. We will also do our utmost to answer any questions specific to your line of practice. Support materials available include posters, flyers and advertising notepads.

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