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For retailers working in the parent and child, women’s health and pre/post menopausal women markets; SmartBalls are an attractive retail product. 

If you would like more information, or to retail SmartBalls please contact us at

Smart Balls can significantly improve the lives of women by correcting and preventing bladder weakness. Using them is easy and effective and is a simple muscle training programme. Women wear the SmartBalls vaginally for a minimum of 6-8 weeks (daily use) to build up the strength of their pelvic floor muscles. The pelvic floor muscles are stimulated to contract during the entire time the balls are being worn without additional physical activity or effort from the woman—which makes for a unique proposition.

Good step-by-step information is provided for customers (in the form of a DL flyer produced by Pelvic Floor Health) and merchandising is available for retailers with physical stores. Pelvic Floor Health is happy to provide images and content information for retailers with websites.

Smart Balls are well presented in an attractive box that can be hung or displayed on a shelf. They are available in a range of appealing colours with 2 differing size/weight options:

SmartBalls Uno

  • Perfect for beginners, women who have recently given birth and for women with a pelvic organ prolapse ('POP' of the uterus/bladder/rectum/bowel). 
  • Smart Balls Uno are also available in a Beginner's Pack as a combo product that includes lubricant, instructions for use and a fabric storage bag.

SmartBalls Duo

  • SmartBalls Duo are for intermediate to advanced users and are the next step on from Smart Balls Uno. They are double the weight of the Uno and are designed to set women up for a lifetime free from bladder weakness.
  • Smart Balls Duo are also available as part of a Smart Balls Power pack which includes the SmartBalls Uno (and Duo set), lubricant, instructions for use and a fabric storage bag. We do not recommend that women start with SmartBalls Duo as they are likely to find them difficult to hold in and may discourage women from using them.

We recommend women use a hypoallergenic water based lubricant such as Probe for easy insertion and comfort during use.

Smart Balls are made in Germany from medical grade materials and have been developed with a German incontinence specialist midwife.

SmartBalls can be cleaned in hot water with a mild antibacterial soap, we do not recommend using any chemical cleaners.

If you would like more information, or to retail SmartBalls please contact us at

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