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D.VICE is a women and couple friendly adult shopping site. D.VICE has a great selection of quality sex toys, lingerie, books and costumes as well as good information about sex and sexuality. You can shop online or head to a D.VICE store for warm and friendly service in a pornography free environment.

NatraTone is a natural at-home solution for your bladder weakness. It is safe, effective and simple. NatraTone has everything required to gain the control of both the pelvic floor and inner core muscles, for women to live a healthy and active lifeā€”free from bladder weakness.

The Baby Show (formally The ASG Parent and Child Show) is a one-stop-shop that gathers thousands of essential parenting products and information into one, easy-access, family-friendly show. Talk to the experts about every stage in the early parenting journey from pregnancy to breast-feeding, from postnatal depression to immunisation, from baby nutrition to sleeping through the night, from child safety to toddler taming, and so much more.

The New Zealand Continence Association is a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping people with bowel and bladder incontinence. The New Zealand Continence Association provides professional and public education and promotes research into incontinence and related problems to improve genitourinary health.

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