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Pelvic floor and pregnancy

Which system is better after having a baby, SmartBalls vs. NatraTone?

Can I used SmartBalls during pregnancy?

Q: I'm 6 weeks post-partum after my second child, and finding I'm having quite a few problems with bladder leakage and loss of vaginal tone. I'm interested in your products, but would like to know which is considered more effective of the two?

A: If you are able to commit to 5 minutes of exercise, twice a day, to use NatraTone at least 3 times per week, then I recommend Natratone. This product and exercise system works a greater number of your core muscles than the SmartBalls, and also helps to retrain your brain to recognise the correct sequence for engaging your pelvic floor muscles.

Both systems will take a minimum of 6-8 weeks and we recommend longer use if possible.

Smart Balls require daily use, but no specific time set aside for the exercises as you can wear them as you go about your daily business. You should notice an improvement in bladder control within 3 weeks, provided you follow the programme. This will continue to improve the longer you use either device. Also many women’s partners notice the extra squeeze during lovemaking as you regain over all muscle tone and strength.

Both NatraTone and Smart Balls are made of long lasting medical grade materials, however, NatraTone is the only device suitable for use during pregnancy. NatraTone can be used as long as you wish to, and if you are planning to have more children you can use prior, during pregnancy and after childbirth.

Can I use Smart Balls during pregnancy?

A: No, we do not recommend using Smart Balls during pregnancy. There are numerous hormonal and physical changes during pregnancy and many women find their immune systems are depleted and that the vagina is very sensitive. SmartBalls are ideally worn all day for 6-8 weeks minimum and introducing anything into the vagina that you need to wear for a long period of time may be uncomfortable.

Fortunately the NatraTone is suitable and safe for toning your pelvic floor muscles during pregnancy as these are used for only short periods of time for a specific set of exercises. NatraTone is an effective way to improve your pelvic floor tone as well as the core muscles and can be used before during and after pregnancy. 

The NatraTone is a small device made from medical grade materials and is super hygienic and easy to clean. You insert the device just in the vaginal opening to do the exercises for 5 minutes at a time. This means that provided your NatraTone is clean, there is no risk of infection and the NatraTone is nowhere near to the cervix or uterus.

The Natratone is made of medical grade materials, is long lasting and can easily be cleaned with hot soapy water. You do not need to use lubricant with the NatraTone.

We very much recommend using the Natratone during pregnancy to help support and strengthen your pelvic floor and core muscles. Whether you have been doing pelvic floor exercises or not. Pregnancy itself can result in a disconnect between your brain and pelvic floor muscles, making it difficult to identify where they are and how to activate them. Toned pelvic floor muscles during pregnancy supports the birthing process and aids in recovery time as well.
You can continue to use the Natratone for as long as you feel necessary, the 6 week minimum exercise period is a guide only.

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