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What are Smart Balls?

Where are my PC muscles exactly?

Which SmartBall is right for me?

How should I clean my Smart Balls?

Should I do any special exercises while I’m wearing my SmartBalls?

What is a ‘pelvic floor’ and how is it connected to me wetting my pants

I've had a hysterectomy – can I still use Smart Balls?

What about SmartBalls and pregnancy?

I'm menopausal—can I use SmartBalls?

I have a prolapsed uterus – can I use SmartBalls?

How often should I use my SmartBalls?

I am worried the Smart balls are going to fall out - will they?

I've got an IUD - can I use SmartBalls?

I have an anterverted uterus, what does this mean?

Which product will suit a new mother of two?

I’m 25 and I haven’t had children and I have bladder leakage..what can I do?

Can I use Smart Balls during pregnancy?

Do I have to remove the SmartBalls before I go to the toilet?

I am having trouble removing the Smart Balls, do you have some tips?

What are SmartBalls?

SmartBalls are a women’s health product designed to be worn vaginally, to tone pelvic floor muscles that have been compromised from:

  • pregnancy
  • childbirth
  • pelvic operation
  • over-exertion
  • menopause 
  • persistent and/or agressive coughing
  • general aging related loss of muscle tone.

SmartBalls have been developed in consultation with a midwife in Germany called Christine Nierson, who specialises in pelvic floor education. They are made from medical grade silicone, are long lasting, easy to use and hygienic.
 Inside the SmartBall, whether it is a single or double set, is a weighted ball. It is the weight of the balls resting on the PC (Pubococcygeus) muscles from the inside that stimulates the muscles to spontaneously contract, giving a woman an inner work out. 


Where are my PC muscles exactly?

The PC (Pubococcygeous) muscle is commonly referred to as your pelvic floor muscles. The PC muscle is attached to the pubic bone in the front of your body and coccyx (tail bone at the back).

This muscle acts like a hammock forming the floor of the pelvic cavity and supporting the pelvic organs including your uterus and bladder. The PC muscles extend in a figure 8 around the vaginal and anal openings. PC muscles control urine flow and it aids urinary control. It is utilised during childbirth and contracts during orgasm.


Which SmartBall is right for me?

We recommend all women start with the Smart Balls Uno it is easier to use and have success with. Smart Balls Uno weights 36gms and has a diameter of 36mm. 

SmartBalls Uno are suitable for women who have compromised P.C. muscles. They are a good starting point for getting your muscles in shape. We also recommend these for women who have recently given birth, if you have a prolapsed uterus, are feeling the effects of bladder weakness from menopause or have problems as a result of heavy lifting or straining.

The Smart Ball Uno may also be the preferred option for women to wear during exercise such as yoga or jogging.

By following the easy step by step programme you will gain pelvic floor strength and reduce bladder weakness issues as well as feel the sexual benefits of improved pelvic floor tone.

The Smart Balls Duo is designed for long term prevention and correction of bladder weakness.
The Duo are 2 graduated balls 32mm and 36mm in diameter weighing 72gms in total.

Smart Balls Duo are the progression from Smart Balls Uno and are double the weight. Once the  Smart Balls Uno has been mastered (a minimum of 6-8 weeks of daily use, 5-10 hours per day), SmartBalls Duo can be used.

Regular use of the Duo will ensure pelvic floor muscles are strong enough to carry the user through the life challenges a woman's pelvic floors face. 

How should I clean my Smart Balls?

SmartBalls are made from medical grade materials, are completely sealed, hygienic and easy to clean.

Washing in a mild soap and hot water is all that is required. DO NOT use any chemicals to clean SmartBalls. At most use a solution of water and white vinegar for additional cleaning and rinse the vinegar off thoroughly. SmartBalls should easily last for several years.


Should I do any special exercises when I’m wearing SmartBalls?

SmartBalls are worn and are most effective when the user is upright; sitting, standing, walking and moderate exercising are all fine, as the balls rest upon the pelvic floor muscles.

The SmartBalls have no effect on muscle tone and training when the user is horizontal. They are not designed as a sex toy nor are they likely to give a woman an orgasm during use (although they will make your orgasms stronger as the muscles become stronger). 


What is a ‘pelvic floor’ and how is it connected to me wetting my pants?

The pelvic floor muscles are located above and around the vaginal opening, supporting and connected to the uterus. They contract when we orgasm, stop urine mid-stream, and they stretch when giving birth.

When the pelvic floor is weak, incontinence can occur – ranging from weak to severe because the muscles can no longer ‘hold’ the urine in the bladder and control the flow of urine. Increased pressure on the bladder can cause this loss of control, such as laughing, sneezing, jumping on a trampoline, running, jumping or coughing. These activities can all cause a sudden and embarrassing leak of urine. 

I've had a hysterectomy—can I still use SmartBalls?

Yes, women who have had a hysterectomy can successfully use Smart Balls as your pelvic floor muscles will most likely be intact, so Smart Balls will be of great benefit. We recommend talking to your gynecologist or GP prior to using Smart Balls if you have any concerns or reservations specific to your hysterectomy.


What about SmartBalls and pregnancy?

SmartBalls are NOT recommended for use during pregnancy.

During pregnancy and breastfeeding, the body releases hormones that allow the pelvic floor muscles to relax. During this time women can be prone to bladder weakness. Ideally women will use SmartBalls before getting pregnant with a first child, to ensure this life stage is met with good muscle tone. Reducing the occurance of incontinence during pregnancy and the post-natal period. 

Good P.C. muscles before a vaginal birth encourages quicker recovery of the muscles, improves general vaginal health and can help in greater control when pushing.

Natratone can be used during pregnancy.

The next most optimum time to think about toning the pelvic floor muscles is from 6 weeks after giving birth (provided there are no lasting complications from the delivery). Midwives or obstetrician / gynaecologist can gice the 'green light' for commencing this sort of activity.

Early prevention of incontinence is important as P.C. muscle stretching can be more pronounced with each successive child.

If pelvic floor muscles never recovered throughout multiple pregnancies, Smart Balls can still offer a good chance of recovering pelvic floor strength! Good pelvic floor muscles can support the vaginal walls and help to prevent a prolapsed uterus.


How often should I use my SmartBalls?

The key to a successful recovery of pelvic floor strength and prevention of incontinence is the regular use of the Smart Balls. Initially wear Smart Balls around home to ensure comfort and confidence to wear the Smart Balls all day. The aim is every day use for one to two months, (for 6-8 hours per day), then ongoing maintenance one day a fortnight to keep the muscles in shape.

Future concentrated bursts of wearing SmartBalls will help tone the muscles up again. Of course all individuals will vary. 


I’m menopausal and my incontinence seems to be getting worse – can I use SmartBalls?

Yes, during menopause, a woman's body produced the same hormones as during pregnancy, and the pelvic floor muscles soften often leading to incontinence. It is ideal to get pelvic floor muscles in good shape prior to menopause. Even if you feel that things will ‘never be the same again’ and are in the midst of the menopausal changes that happen to a women’s body—SmartBalls can help the situation. We recommend using a quality lubricant to all women using SmartBalls, lubricant is especially important for menopausal women.


I have a prolapsed uterus – can I use Smart Balls?

Yes, but many women who have had a prolapsed uterus may only find it possible to insert one ball, so we recommend using the SmartBall Uno and plenty of lubricant. There will still be a good benefit from using the Uno.  


I am worried the Smartballs are going to fall out - will they?

Recently having given birth (Smart Balls are safe to use any time for 6 weeks after childbirth) or having very compromised pelvic floor muscles, the user may find the Smart Balls hard to keep in.

Make sure the single ball is inserted as high as possible into the vagina. Focus on contracting the pelvic floor muscles around the ball, there may be a feeling of bearing down.

If the Smart Ball Uno moves down to the vaginal opening it may pop out if you muscles contract suddenly such as with laughing or sneezing. Simply reinsert and try again. It will not take long before the PC muscles strengthen enough to hold the Smart Ball Uno in easily.


I've got an IUD - can I use SmartBalls?

Yes, you can use Smart Balls with an IUD. The IUD is inserted into the uterus through the cervix and sits above the cervix. Threads from some IUD’s such as Mirena may extend through the cervix and sit at the top of the vagina.

SmartBalls sit below the cervix inside the vagina, above your pelvic floor muscles and are unlikely to come into contact with any threads and definitely will not come in contact with the IUD itself.

Using lubricant with your Smart Balls will ensure that the Smart Balls will move comfortably around in the vagina.

I have an anterverted uterus, what does this mean?

This term refers to the direction the top of the uterus is pointing (or sitting). An anteverted uterus is a uterus that tilts slightly forward. This is a normal and the most common position for the uterus. 

Approximately 20 percent of women have a retroverted or backward-tilting uterus and approximately 20 percent have a mid-position uterus—not tilting forward or backward. The remainder of women have an anteverted uterus, the top of the uterus is pointing forward towards the front of your stomach. This has no negative impact on reproductive or sexual function for women, or using Smart Balls or NatraTone.

Can I use this product during pregnancy?

Smart Balls are recommended for use before and after pregnancy. All manufacturers are cautious about women using products during pregnancy and as the SmartBalls are worn for long periods of time, they do not like to suggest this option for the SmartBalls.

We recommend Natratone which is safe for use during pregnancy. Natratone is worn only for short periods whilst doing the exercises and is fine to use at any time and is the only product we know of that is suitable for use during pregnancy. 

If you do decide to get Smart Balls we recommend 6 weeks after giving birth, once everything has healed and any time before pregnancy. 


Do I have to remove the SmartBalls before I go to the toilet?

Part of the slow build up to the amount of time you wear the SmartBalls for, as well as wearing them around home to start with, is to allow you the time to master the techniques involved in wearing them all day, including going to the toilet. This includes being able to relax your pelvic floor muscles enough to be able to urinate, without pushing the SmartBalls out of the vagina.

The SmartBalls sit in the vagina, and urine comes out of the urethra, which is separate from the vagina. However when we urinate, the valve the base of the bladder releases and the pelvic floor muscles relax to allow the flow of urine. With practise you will be able to comfortably urinate and hold the SmartBalls in place.

When passing a bowel motion, some people prefer to remove the SmartBalls, again this is a matter of technique, not straining is recommended anyway, but some women may find this challenging.

I am having trouble removing the SmartBalls, do you have some tips?

The key to successful insertion and removal is relaxing your pelvic floor muscles. You should not need to pull very hard on the removal loop and if you do it is an indication that your muscles are tense. This is not uncommon when you getting used to using the SmartBalls. 

First I recommend making sure you have some privacy and plenty of time when inserting and removing the balls, this helps to stay relaxed. Use the same method as below, for inserting and removing  
You can stand, with one foot up on a low stool or side of the bath, or alternatively sit on the edge of bath/chair/toilet with lid down.

To remove; repeat the above steps, then gently push with your pelvic floor muscles and gently pull the loop. If it becomes difficult and you feel like you are pulling hard, then stop, relax, breathe slowly, squeeze and relax you muscles and try again. If necessary go away and come back 15-30 minutes later and repeat the relaxation then try again.

Once you get the hang of inserting and removing it will take you a few seconds each time, however to start with it is worth slowing everything down until you can confidently use it each time.

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