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Pregnant and Post-Partum Women

Giving birth is a life changing experience, as is becoming a Mum!

Miraculous as it is a woman’s body is intricately designed to conceive, grow a baby and give birth. The pelvic floor muscles play a huge part during both pregnancy and childbirth. Being the primary muscle group that supports the uterus and the bladder, these muscles have to work extra hard during pregnancy. If that’s not enough they get a super workout during the natural process of childbirth. Even during a caesarian section the pelvic floor muscles can be affected.

Natratone is safe to use during pregnancy as well as before and after.* Smart Balls are not suitable for use during pregnancy.
*Check with your lead maternity carer before using

During Pregnancy

Many women find that they have issues with bladder control during their pregnancy and post child birth. Often the last thing you are thinking about when caring for your newborn baby is doing pelvic floor exercises. However it is vital that every woman consciously takes steps to restore pelvic floor tone. If this is overlooked often women will find the result is bladder weakness; that annoying leakage when laughing, coughing or sneezing and not being able to do basic physical exercise.

Some women find they have to run to the loo if they have a full bladder for fear of wetting their pants. This can be disconcerting and embarrassing not to mention restricting. It’s very important to make sure the pelvic floor muscle is toned before becoming pregnant again or the problem will compound with subsequent pregnancies. This can contribute to conditions such as prolapse of the uterus and also major incontinence.

Natratone is one of the few products that you can use whilst pregnant to prevent and correct bladder weakness. The combination of hormonal changes to soften the pelvic area to allow for childbirth and the pressure and weight of the pregnancy, mean this is the time when your pelvic floor muscles are most affected and many women experience bladder weakness. Traditional exercises alone, without the Natratone can be challenging as the neural pathways from brain to pelvic floor muscles are affected by the pregnancy.

Regular use of Natratone, just 3 days a week (twice a day for around 5 minutes) is sufficient to prevent and correct bladder weakness over time.We recommend maintaining the exercises throughout the pregnancy as well as before and after. Having your pelvic floor muscles in good shape supports quicker recovery post partum (after birth), maintains sexual sensation and may you more control in the birth process.

Post Partum - after giving birth.

Immediately after giving birth you can continue the Natratone exercises without the Natratoner. Once you have sign off from your medical practitioner (usually around 6 weeks after giving birth), you can resume using the Natratoner device.
You can continue to use the Natratoner device or active exercises without the device regularly to maintain good pelvic floor tone and set yourself up for a life free from bladder weakness.

Smart Balls are an alternative and easy option to restore the pelvic floor tone post child birth. (they are not recommended to use during your pregnancy).
Smart Balls can be used any time form 6 weeks after giving birth, (once you have had sign off from your health practioner, and the sooner you can incorporate some focused pelvic floor muscle toning and strengthening into the busy lifestyle as a Mum, the more likely it is to prevent any issues with bladder weakness. Smart Balls can be used before and after pregnancy but are not recommended during pregnancy.

Of course doing pelvic floor exercises are beneficial too , as is pilates or yoga. The great thing about Smart Balls is that if you can develop a routine with using them regularly they are an easy way to get your muscles back in shape without requiring any extra time or energy.

Using SmartBalls regularly can ensure you return to full pelvic floor strength. Initially after childbirth (6 weeks) your muscles may be very weak, and don’t despair if you find the Smart Ball (we recommend starting with the single Smart Ball Uno) pops out. If this happens reinsert the Smart Ball as high inside your vagina as you can, and then consciously contract your muscles to hold it in. Wear your Smart Ball around home, until you are confident to wear your Smart Ball out and about. If used consistently you’ll notice a difference quite quickly. Do persevere as the results are very rewarding, they do actually work!

Once muscle tone is restored using the SmartBall Uno you can progress onto the double set of Smart Balls Duo to give a greater inner workout. Using your Smart Balls on an ongoing basis every fortnight will ensure your muscle tone remains strong, and if you start to notice any issues with bladder weakness just do another period of concentrated toning.

If you are planning on having more children, getting your pelvic floor muscles in good shape before you become pregnant can reduce or prevent bladder weakness during pregnancy. It can also give you more control over the birthing process reducing the risk of tearing and improving your recovery time after giving birth.

Pregnancy and giving birth all contribute to softer pelvic floor muscles, and while this is perfectly normal, many women and their partners find there is a loss of sexual sensation. Toned pelvic floor muscles mean greater sexual sensation for you, a stronger squeeze on a male partner and for many women improved libido, so there is plenty of reward for making the effort.

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We have a great FAQ section dedicated to pelvic floor and pregnancy / post partum.

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