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Bladder weakness can affect women of any age, race, stage and phase. So even though it can be embarrassing to talk about, it's good to remember your not alone. Over 40% of New Zealand and Australian women experience bladder weakness at some stage in their lives.

We're happy to answer any genuine questions that you may have with respect and helpful honesty. Please get in touch with your question—we respect your privacy 100%.

To help decide if you need to take action, take the quick quiz below: 

  • I am pregnant

  • I've recently had a baby

  • I'm menopausal

  • I occasionally, ever so slightly wet my pants when I run or jump

  • I dread sneezing, coughing or laughing as it sometimes triggers an uncontrollable moment of bladder weakness

  • I can't control my bladder even when engaged in moderate physical activity

  • I have accepted that bladder weakness is now 'part of my life'

  • I wear pads to save any embarrassment from my bladder weakness

  • I used to have the occasional 'leak' but now its getting worse as I age

  • I get the urge to pee and have to run for the toilet, some times I don't make it

  • I'm at risk of, or already have a mild to moderate prolapsed uterus, bladder, bowel or rectum (POP)

  • I have had surgery for pelvic organ prolapse or POP

  • I am a young woman who has never had a baby but still have bladder weakness issues

  • My partner and have I both noticed loss of sensation sexually during intercourse

If you answered 'YES' or can relate to any of the points above, then SmartBalls or NatraTone can help you overcome bladder weakness by toning your pelvic floor.

Which product will suit you and your lifestyle best?

SmartBalls are easy to use and require little additional effort once they are inserted. You can go about your every day activities and the weighted ball within the SmartBall makes your inner muscles automatically contract - giving you an internal work out. Smart Balls are easy to use yield effective results and banish bladder weakness (recommended to use daily for a minimum 6-8 weeks).

Smart Balls are not recommended for use during pregnancy, they can be used pre and post pregnancy and can be SmartBalls Uno can be used by women with mild to moderate POP -prolapse of the uterus/bladder/rectum or bowel.

NatraTone is also simple to use and comes with an instruction booklet and DVD detailing exactly how to use the training aid device and real-time follow-along training of the 5 minute, twice a day exercise over a minimum period of 6 weeks. An independent pilot study done on NatraTone showed that it was 12 times more effective in reducing or eliminating bladder weakness than by just doing pelvic floor exercises alone.

We recommend NatraTone as the best choice for women who are pregnant, have mild to moderate POP--prolapse of the uterus/bladder/rectum or bowel, or who are pre or post pelvic surgery. In all these instances we recommend you seek advice from your health professional before using the NatraTone.

Pregnant women who wish to tone and strengthen their pelvic floor muscles can safely use Natratone, we recommend consulting with your lead maternity carer prior to use.


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