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Probe Thick and Rich Lubricant

  • Probe Thick and Rich Lubricant
  • Probe Thick and Rich Lubricant
  • Probe Thick and Rich Lubricant
  • Probe Thick and Rich Lubricant

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We recommend using a good quality lubricant when wearing SmartBalls as a good lubricant will ensure comfort and ease of insertion and removal.

Probe Thick & Rich lube is formulated to mimic a woman's own natural lubrication and is skin friendly and hypoallergenic. It is ideal for menopausal women as it offers more substantial lubrication.

  • Probe Thick & Rich uses grapefruit seed extract (rather than a chemical) as the preservative.
  • Probe is moisture activated, so when your natural lubrication kicks in, Probe keeps on going. You need use only a small amount of this lubricant.
  • Hypoallergenic, skin friendly lubricants are less likely to cause a sensitivity and are more suitable for daily use with your Smart Balls.
  • This lubricant is very good for women who have reduced personal lubrication due to menopause, surgery or other causes.

    Please note - Probe Lube stocks are limited due to the impact of Covid on the factory in the USA.  Probe is a hugely popular an effective lubricant. An extension has been issued on the expiry date of this product which had an earliest expiry of 31/3/2022. This extension is for 18 months now expiring 31/9/2023. This is based on library stock samples confirming that the efficacy of this product is unaffected for a further 18 months. If you do not wish to purchase Probe, please select the SmartBalls as a single product not a SmartBalls Beginners or Power Pack 

Probe Thick & Rich is tasteless, odourless and colour free and dries dry, not sticky. Probe is ideal for use with Smart Balls and for sexual activity.


Please choose carefully as due to health and safety reasons we are unable to refund or exchange due to a change of mind.