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SmartBall Power Pack

  • SmartBall Power Pack
  • SmartBall Power Pack
  • SmartBall Power Pack
  • SmartBall Power Pack

Gain confidence and control of your bladder with Smart Balls

The SmartBalls Power Pack is a complete pelvic floor toning set. It will set you up for years to come; stepping you through beginners to advanced stages of getting your pelvic floor into peak shape.

This set includes:

  • SmartBalls Uno (for beginners)
  • SmartBalls Duo (advanced toning)
  • 75ml hypoallergenic Probe lubricant (please read below for lube expiry info)
  • ‘How to’ leaflet
  • Non-woven storage bag

About SmartBalls Uno

  • Smart Ball Uno weighs 36 grams and is 36mm in diameter.

Smart Balls Uno are especially suitable for women who have recently given birth, have not used SmartBalls before, or who have compromised pelvic floor muscles (sneeze or cough and wet your pants). They are also ideal for women with a mild to moderate prolapse (POP) or tilted uterus.


About SmartBalls Duo

  • Smart Balls Duo weighs 72 grams, and has 2 balls of graduated size; 32mm + 36mm in diameter. 
  • The total length is 100mm (10cm), not including the removal string.

  • Made from hypoallergenic - non porous medical grade materials (medical grade plastic covered with medical grade silicone) 

SmartBalls Duo are the ideal weight for ongoing pelvic floor exercise and are the next step on from SmartBalls Uno for getting your muscles in peak shape. They are made of hypoallergenic medical grade silicone, which is very durable and easy to clean with hot water and a mild soap.

We recommend using a hypoallergenic lubricant with your Smart Balls for comfort and ease of use (included in this pack).

About Probe lubricant

Please note - Probe Lube stocks are limited due to the impact of Covid on the factory in the USA.  Probe is a hugely popular an effective lubricant. An extension has been issued on the expiry date of this product which had an earliest expiry of 31/3/2022. This extension is for 18 months now expiring 31/9/2023. This is based on library stock samples confirming that the efficacy of this product is unaffected for a further 18 months. If you do not wish to purchase Probe, please select the SmartBalls as a single product not a SmartBalls Beginners or Power Pack and select an alternative lube.

Probe lubricant is a hypo-allergenic lubricant that will reduce the likelihood of becoming sensitive and ensure the balls are comfortable to use and easy to insert and remove. Probe is formulated to mimic the body's own lubrication and uses grapefruit seed extract as the preservative, rather than a chemical.  Probe is available as Silky Light or Thick & Rich. Both are very effective and may be alternated dependent on availability. The appearance of the bottle may differ from that shown in the product images. The volume will always be 75ml. Probe is also available in large sizes that can be purchased separately 

All Smart Balls products come with instructions, and if you have any questions about which Smart Ball, or which SmartBall Pack is right for you, please email us in confidence.

General information about Smart Balls 

Smart Balls have been designed in consultation with an incontinence specialist and midwife to use throughout your life, and are totally silent. They are recommended and safe to use for women prior to pregnancy and at least 6 weeks after giving birth. For pregnant women and women with a prolapse (POP) that is taking up a lot of room in the vagina, we recommend using the Natratone.

After 6-8 weeks of regular use, you should notice a big improvement in bladder control, you can use them for longer to increase the benefits and we recommend a minimum of 12 weeks for women with more compromised muscles.


Please choose carefully as due to health and safety reasons we are unable to refund or exchange due to a change of mind.

We will always endeavour to supply your first colour choice, if your preferred colour is not available an alternative colour will be substituted.